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From The Roots Up


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“This was the first song I was able to write in first person; I guess you could call this my self help song...” Delilah is talking about her new single, Breathe - the third track to be taken from her debut album From The Roots Up, scheduled for release this summer. It follows her previous singles Go and Love You So, which have between them led to an impressive 7 million plays on her YouTube channel. 


In Delilah’s world, all of her songs draw on her love for dubstep and jazz, soul, breakbeat and bass. This is someone who grew up in a home full of music that played all day every day. “It was always blaring out,” she smiles. “So much so that we’d have to shout over the music just to be heard. We lived on a council estate where we could blare it out all day and night. So we did.”

So playing at home were her mum’s Latin records as well as Buena Vista Social Club, Sade, Portishead, drum and bass 12”s on Metalheadz and LTJ Bukem mixes as well as rock artists like Nirvana and Radiohead. It was a wonderful, if fairly unusual schooling, especially for a decade and a half ago.

“Oh, I had the Spice Girls in there too,” Delilah says. “I was always Mel B in school thanks to my hair, but my musical foundation was a lot more mature. It was Bob Marley, not Hannah Montana.”


Thanks to that brilliant education Delilah’s music is lit-up by diamond-sharp snares and deep, cinematic strings. Her songs all share a dark and dramatic edge, but the affecting and lingering sense of melancholy is kept in check by a subtle, driving energy. A track like I Can Feel You has a warm, dream-like sensuality and opens up a vast ocean of space for her voice to live in, while Never Be Another finds Delilah’s handclaps and shivery piano notes strung out across a crisply electronic frame.

“I think of it as turning down the colours a little,” she nods. “In the past I have written in metaphors, I wasn’t brave enough to write about myself, but a lot of these songs really are about me and my life.”


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